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    I am so happy to have you here if this is our first time visiting! For those that don't know me, I started my photography business, Harvest of Memories, in 2009 and never, ever imagined I would be where I am right now, which would be running my business, full-time from my home! I am not your average photographer. I am unique and creative photographer. I am a wife and mother of two precious girls and hit the ground running when I started my business. I have taken photographs for people all over Ohio and gained so many clients just by word of mouth. HOM is not a "pose and shoot" business. I produce inventive, original, timeless photographs to cherish important memories forever. I am currently serving Central Ohio including Columbus, Gahanna, New Albany, Granville, Westerville, and Newark, Ohio.

    "Life is pretty simple to me.....pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck that says 'Make me feel important.'" -Darlene Hall

    Photo credit to Amanda Estep Photography. (www.amandaestepphotography.com)

Before and After the “I do.”

This is just a glimpse into how I spend my weekends when my wedding season starts! Who wouldn’t like to dance with others, eat cake, and get paid to capture people laughing? This is why I LOVE photographing WEDDINGS! It truly is a lot of fun!

(For easier viewing, hit play on the video, and then hit pause. You will see a light gray bar on the left and a dark gray bar start to appear on the right. Let the dark bar travel all the way to the right before you hit play. This will help reduce the buffering issue so you can see the video play continuous.)

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Who doesn’t love Photoshop??

Happy Monday Everybody!  I had a very exciting weekend of photo sessions so I got busy with them pretty quickly for the simple fast I am super curious what photographs I will keep and which ones don’t make it to the final cut.  Anyway, I came across this picture and as I was evaluating everybody’s faces, I could see Talon looked down for a second during this series of photos.

So…this is when I quickly evaluate the other photos to see if I can borrow the eyes from another photo to paste to this photo. As you can see below, his eyes are open in this one, but little Addison looks adorable in the other photo.  So…I’m pretty happy at this point because I know I can save the photo I want, which is the up above.

So here is the final picture and I have included the original picture so you can see it all together.

So anybody asking…”How did she do that?”  Well, here you go.

*Open the picture with the eyes closed and the one with the eyes open.

*Crop just around both eyes with your lasso tool.

*Click Edit, Copy

*Open the picture with the closed eyes, hit Edit, and then Paste.

*This is where you have to have a lot of patience.  Hit Ctrl T to move them around and bump the opacity down so you can see the closed eyes underneath, which will help you measure where to drop them where they look good.  Once you have them where you want them, bump the opacity back up to 100%.  Click on the history brush and go around the eyes to get rid of the square sides from cropping it from the other picture.  This is why it’s always a good idea to take a lot of pictures of the same pose because you just never know when somebody blinks.  As always, leave some love if you LOVE this post!  Leave me a comment:)


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March 20, 2012 - 12:13 am

Christopher Moody - So, how would I go about adding a Tie Fighter swooping into the scene attack my family?

Drumroll please….

To see more of my portfolio feel free to click on the video! I am currently working on a NEW website, blog, and FB fan page for Elizabeth Jayne Studio so that all future work can be posted to these sites. I will keep my Harvest of Memories business separate from Elizabeth Jayne Studio work.

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Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

So I finally found the time to get a few photos put together from WPPI to post!

To all the Nikon people that have ever made a joke about Canon equipment.  I never understand why Nikon people are always so quick to make fun of Canon?  I’m convinced it’s in the user’s manual.

I wish I would have paid attention to what this giant tree man purchased!  Dang it!

This is more like it!  Look at all the options!

This was 1 of the 2 ballrooms for the trade show!  Tons of vendors!  Anything that makes me laugh, I’m going to take a picture of it.

I can’t believe I actually took this picture at the trade show!!

I couldn’t have gone to the conference if it wasn’t for my friend Lori.  My husband said no way to me going alone!  Fabulous Jasmine!

During the Q&A she said she does yoga for her strong looking arms.  I must start yoga ASAP!

This was the only bad thing about the conference…having this as our hotel key!  At the end of a long day of being in classes…this was the last thing I wanted to see.



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March 13, 2012 - 1:31 pm

Elijah - a few things…1. you know for a fact that not ALL Nikon people are that way! 2. The picture you took of the girl with the hoop earrings (252.1)…FANTASTIC, and 3. Nikon has LOADS of options, but we’re clearly more reserved in our advertising 😛 lol. LOVE IT!

March 13, 2012 - 3:36 pm

DarleneHall - Hilarious! You better start saving some pennies and go with me next year!

The importance with shooting in RAW

Just a few examples of why it’s so important to shoot in RAW.  I can remember for about 6 months I chose to shoot in Jpeg because it does in fact take up a ton of room on your memory card.  However, you can virtually SAVE ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS!

Take a look at the pictures below.  We took our daughter Cora on a train ride around the holidays and she had her buddy Jack there.  I packed my camera and my speedlite only to discover that my speedlite wasn’t working.  No problem.  I was confident I could fix the color in LR as you could clearly see they were yellow in color.  I just couldn’t miss any opportunities of such a special time for my daughter and her friend Jack.  I highly, highly encourage anybody starting in the photography industry to make this switch as soon as possible!  Even if it means you need more memory cards to get the job done.  You will thank me later when you can save every single photo.

The photo on the left is my corrected picture.  The photo on the right is the original.

(ISO 400, F2.8, and 1/100 sec.)

The photo on the top is the original.  The photo on the bottom has been corrected.

(ISO 400, F2.8, and 1/100 sec.)

Last example would be from our Valentine’s Day dinner with our daughters.  It’s much easier for me to not bring the speedlite at all and just crank up the ISO and use all of the light from up above our table to help with this photo.

The photo on the left has been corrected from the original on the right.

(ISO 6400, F2.8, and 1/100 sec.)

I must admit…I’m in LOVE with this picture of my husband and my daughter.  These 2 are BUDDIES!  Speaking of LOVE….I invite you to leave a comment if you simply LOVE this post!  It will help me see if what I’m posting is helpful or not.  I’m trying to brainstorm things I can share that are easy to explain on a blog.

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March 5, 2012 - 9:48 pm

Christopher Moody - I’ve always heard that you should only shoot in RAW, but it’s nice to see the obvious examples of why it’s so important.

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