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    I am so happy to have you here if this is our first time visiting! For those that don't know me, I started my photography business, Harvest of Memories, in 2009 and never, ever imagined I would be where I am right now, which would be running my business, full-time from my home! I am not your average photographer. I am unique and creative photographer. I am a wife and mother of two precious girls and hit the ground running when I started my business. I have taken photographs for people all over Ohio and gained so many clients just by word of mouth. HOM is not a "pose and shoot" business. I produce inventive, original, timeless photographs to cherish important memories forever. I am currently serving Central Ohio including Columbus, Gahanna, New Albany, Granville, Westerville, and Newark, Ohio.

    "Life is pretty simple to me.....pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck that says 'Make me feel important.'" -Darlene Hall

    Photo credit to Amanda Estep Photography. (www.amandaestepphotography.com)

Photoshop Fonts

Those of you that know me, know I didn’t get to where I am without help from others.  My personal goal, when I have the extra time, would be to provide any kind of tidbit about anything that might be interesting to somebody else.  Let me just put a huge disclaimer here that not everything I advertise is the only way to do something.  As with everything in life, you can do things very differently and result in the same outcome so please keep this in mind.

So here goes my 1st attempt at teaching something on my blog!  I decided it would be best to start out with something very small and to be honest, some of you may be fully aware of this.  Everybody is at different levels and I for one know how overwhelming Photoshop can be so this is another reason I want to help out.

Do you ever wish you had more fonts in Photoshop?  Do you bet bored of what was already there when you purchased it?  Well, here you go.  I have taken screen shots of everything below about how to load some new fonts to Photoshop.  You just never know what a new font can do for some of your work.


Anyway, it’s amazing that in my mind I tell myself I’m going to work on something very specific and then all of a sudden I’m researching something else completely different for at least an hour.  With that in mind, I hope that anything I can post like this will help reduce the idea that you spend an hour searching for something.  I want my blog to be more than just posting the same pictures I post to my fan page.  This is my place to cut loose, laugh at myself and to help anybody I can along the way.


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Have you smiled today?

While I was busy at work today, I came across this adorable video and just had to pass it along!  For the most obvious reason…watching people having fun and laughing is simply AWESOME!  I think all of us can admit to a sad part of our life and we seek things to make us happy and sometimes…they just land right in front of us and when they do…I feel like I have to look around and wonder who made all of that happen and I’m quickly reminded that God works in great ways!  So…what I’m trying to say everybody…turn the radio up and sing loud and SMILE!


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Protecting your Camera!

Super quick post, but a very important one!  As a way to protect your camera, consider taking a picture of your name, address, phone number, and email address.  Once you have this picture, “protect” the image so it can’t be deleted.  This will help prove that the camera belongs to you and if anybody should find it, they can call you immediately.  If you don’t know how to “protect” your images, review your user’s manual for information.  Also, don’t forget to label your memory cards and your reflectors!  I have misplaced 2 reflectors and as soon as I buy my 3rd one, I will have a really big label on that bad boy!

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48 Things to do!

My husband asked me the day I was scheduled to leave for WPPI if I was nervous or excited?  With zero pause, I said to him, “Both!”  The question I had for myself was, “Why?”  I was nervous because I wondered/worried what if I didn’t understand a concept and would be completely lost.  I was excited to meet people willing to stand on a stage and basically let me hear specifically what has helped their business.  For those of you just starting out in the photography industry, know you run into people from time to time not so quick to share anything.  It was made clear by everybody that different views would be shared and guess what….they were right, but that didn’t disappoint me because I actually find it fascinating how each person thinks differently.  I truly enjoyed all of the classes that I signed up for that I came home with a list of 48 things to do!  Not just things to do, but equipment to consider and shooting techniques so now I must start working super hard to knock things off my new list!

I was most excited to hear Jasmine Star speak that I stood in line an hour before the presentation so I could get a good seat.  I would say 4th row, right in the middle was pretty darn good!  (Considering the size of the ballroom.)

Anyway, she spoke about Ghetto Fabulous Marketing, which I think is an awesome title.  She is not only creative with her picture-taking, but also with the way she writes is also impressive to me.  It’s all pretty simply really.  Focus on your assets/liabilities, helping others, and being YOU!  I found myself speechless to be in the same room with somebody that I find myself looking at her work and just dream.

She recently released a magazine titled, “Exposed.”  http://www.jasminestarblog.com/index.cfm?postID=1245&exposed-the-magazine

Of course, I bought it right away and read about her first experience at WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and how she ordered pizza to her room because she didn’t know anybody there.  She was told before she left for the conference, ” To Get Uncomfortable and by doing so, life would flip and turn in a new ways.”  Her magazine quotes the following:  “When I changed my focus and allowed myself to Get Uncomfortable, my career quickly grew because, while I cared about my photography, I also cared about helping others along the way.”

So…with that being said, Jasmine announced that there would be a question and answer portion and that anybody wanting to ask a question would have to step up to the microphone.  Without a single hesitation, I found myself 2nd in line to ask a question.  I felt my inside shaking like crazy!  When I sat down, I found myself remembering this section of her book instantly and thought, “Well, I think that would be considered getting uncomfortable.”  I look at what I did and still can’t believe how quickly I got up from my chair!

If that wasn’t enough, we had the chance to get a picture taken with her and chat if we wanted so I was fortunate enough to talk to her again, we clicked a picture together, and she signed my magazine!  Let me also mention that this photo looks completely calm and relaxed, but oh let me tell you…there were about 125 people waiting/elbow to elbow crowding around her.  She handled it all with a smile on her face the entire time and gave each of us her attention when it was our turn so my appreciation for Jasmine Star has escalated to another level.

This quote was very powerful that Jasmine shared with us so I couldn’t think of a better way to conclude this blog entry.  My 1st WPPI experience was AMAZING!

“You will go farther being genuinely interested in two other people, than trying to get 200 people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

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Viva Las Vegas!

I feel much better now that I sat down and wrote the schedule for my friend Lori and I while we are in Las Vegas this weekend.  It will be nice to know when we will be together and when we will roam around on our own.  This is going to be so much fun!  I’m wondering what’s more exciting…the WPPI conference or no children for 4 straight days!  I can’t wait to tell you about the speakers and dinner dates!


Register at 7am

9am-11am, Lori and Darlene

11am-1pm, Darlene (Lori roaming around.)

2pm-4pm, Darlene (Lori roaming around.)

3pm-5pm, Lori (Darlene grabbing a snack, roaming around.)

Dinner together


8am-10am, Darlene

8am-10am, Lori

11am-12pm, Darlene and Lori


Jasmine Star, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Lori and Darlene

6pm-8pm, Lori (Darlene roaming around.)


8am-10am, Darlene

8am-10am, Lori

Jasmine Star, 11am-12pm, Darlene and Lori


3pm-5pm, Darlene and Lori




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