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    I am so happy to have you here if this is our first time visiting! For those that don't know me, I started my photography business, Harvest of Memories, in 2009 and never, ever imagined I would be where I am right now, which would be running my business, full-time from my home! I am not your average photographer. I am unique and creative photographer. I am a wife and mother of two precious girls and hit the ground running when I started my business. I have taken photographs for people all over Ohio and gained so many clients just by word of mouth. HOM is not a "pose and shoot" business. I produce inventive, original, timeless photographs to cherish important memories forever. I am currently serving Central Ohio including Columbus, Gahanna, New Albany, Granville, Westerville, and Newark, Ohio.

    "Life is pretty simple to me.....pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around their neck that says 'Make me feel important.'" -Darlene Hall

    Photo credit to Amanda Estep Photography. (www.amandaestepphotography.com)

Granville Ohio High School Senior Photography | Lexi

Granville Ohio High School Senior Photography

What a joy it’s been to work with Lexi more than once this year for her Senior pictures as she has been one of my Ambassadors this year.  The first time we met it was in April for her rep cards.  To view those images, click here.  I found a field of flowers in Granville Ohio in May and Lexi asked to have her pictures taken there and I must admit I love them!  We met early in the morning before a storm rolled in, which helped me fire off a lot of pictures as it was pretty cloudy.  When I look at these images in the field, I am so happy with them for so many reasons.  The first being Lexi is very photogenic and her giggle is fun to photograph.  The second thing that makes me happy would be working so hard on getting the horizon line hitting her waist.  My husband of all people pointed it out in my work when I had the horizon line going thru a model’s head or shoulders.  I thought, “What’s the bid deal?”  However, I follow so many talented photographers and seeing the horizon line hitting the perfect place, typically from the waist or lower, I have worked hard to do the same with my work.  The final time we worked together was


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Hoover YMCA Park Wedding

Hoover YMCA Park Wedding

The month of October blessed my business with 4 weddings and the Walker wedding happened to be my final wedding of the month and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  My face hurt with laughter by the end of the night.  Adam and Whitney are both so funny and when you put them together with their family and friends, you must expect the unexpected.  Whitney loves her sister in law and Adam loves Whitney’s brother and more than once it was shown to everybody, which made my side hurt with laughter.  This was my first time at Hoover YMCA Park that I hope to return there as the outdoor ceremony was so pretty and the gorgeous tree-lined driveway and the fences around the park were all worthy of pretty photos.




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Granville Ohio High School Seniors | Luciano

Granville Ohio High School Seniors

Let me tell you about Luciano.  He is one funny and ornery young man.  One minute he would fire off a serious look and 2 clicks later he would start busting up in laughter.  He took the lead role when it came to the wrestling pictures since I haven’t had a wrestler athlete yet.  I’m pretty sure me climbing to the top of a ladder with my camera in hand and shooting down at him would be my favorite.  The funny thing about Luke would be his girlfriend Brooklynn is also one of my models and he would tell her that I said he was a natural model.  Brooklynn would go back and tell him that I said she was so creative with her outfits.  The fact these guys compete for more compliments cracks me up!  What a great time!  I will link her blog to the entry as soon as I finish it up.


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Licking County Ohio High School Senior Pictures | Breanne

Licking County Ohio High School Senior Pictures

You don’t want to miss Breanne’s Senior pictures we photographed in Granville, Ohio, at LVHS, and Dawes.  I am so lucky to have this sweet, young lady as part of my crew of students for the Class of 2017.  You know I love a session so much it’s difficult for me to find my favorites for blog entries.  The minute I feel like I love an image, I find another image that I love even more.  I wish you the best of luck at your first game tomorrow Breanne.  I hope your Senior year is filled with lots of victories and memories with your teammates.


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Dawes Engagement Pictures | Taylor and Jon

Dawes Engagement Pictures

I couldn’t be more happy with the images from Taylor and Jon’s Dawes Engagement Pictures session.  The original plan we had put us together in the later part of the afternoon, but expected rain in the forecast resulted in a quick message asking if they had morning plans.  When they said they could meet earlier, it was a huge blessing.  This time of year when it rains it’s so difficult to find a makeup date.  Plus, we had the entire park to ourselves, which was amazing!  I normally have to spend the time looking over my shoulder or looking past my couple before I’m taking a picture.


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